Garrosh Sneak Peek



Garrosh In Progress…

Still trying to find the time to finish him, but here’s the sketch part:

Garrosh in Progress


I decided that I’m not going to to do a full body sketch, just chest and above since there’s so much detail. I drew him standing at an angle so that I could include the skull on his shoulder piece which I love.

I still have a few minor parts of the shoulder armor to finish drawing and then his belt as well.

Update on the Ancients

This one is taking me a little longer than I thought it would to complete. I’ve been getting home late due to work so it’s not leaving me much spare time to work on them. I’m really hoping that this week’s schedule won’t be as busy as last week’s so that I’ll be able to finish it as soon as possible. I really think this one is going to turn out great!