I am taking requests now for free, so if you’re interested, fill out the form below.

Please remember to link me your character’s armory or send me a screenshot instead(by email). <>

If you’d like, I can send you a picture of my sketch first through the email that you provide to make sure you like it before it is completed.


Character Drawings:

  • Please provide an armory link to your character or a screenshot. If providing a screenshot, please zoom in as much as you can to provide as much detail as possible.
  • I prefer to draw from the chest and above. If you’d like a full body drawing, please specify. Full-body drawings will take longer though, so just keep that in mind.
  • By default, I leave my backgrounds white, but if you’d like a different color let me know.
  • Companion and class pets are allowed.
  • If your character has jewelry(like earrings or necklaces that you’d like shown) please provide additional details.

 Request Form